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Meet Your Neighbor

Read more about your neighbors featured in the latest issue of the Minerva Park Community Association Newsletter 


Meet the Richardsons! Christopher and Sheena built their home on Farview Rd. and moved in with their son Malachi (7) in 2018. They welcomed their son Xavier in 2023! Christopher is from Westerville and Sheena is from Akron. They met in London, OH, and after living in Cincinnati and Dayton, landed in Dublin, OH. They were familiar with MP and were excited when they learned of the opportunity to build. 

The family enjoys living close to the schools, the trails, and the welcoming and diverse community. They attend many events, food trucks, and the pool. Walking to school and the pool is the highlight for Malachi! 

Christopher is an Episcopal priest serving at St. John’s in Franklinton and with the Diocese of Southern Ohio focused on youth and young adult ministry. 

Sheena is a nurse practitioner and recently joined the VA to support diabetic education. 

Christopher earned a degree from Devry in Computer Engineering before being called to the church and then graduated from Virginia Theological Seminary. Sheena has degrees from Wittenberg University, Kent State University, and Chamberlain University.

The family enjoys video games, Dungeons & Dragons, reading, and traveling. Their 2023 travel highlight was a Disney cruise over Halloween. Malachi is all ready to go back this year! 

Fun facts about our neighbors. Christopher has dual citizenship in the U.S. and the Bahamas! Sheena is an avid reader and managed to read 35 books last year while keeping up with two young kids! The family also has a very loving flatcoat retriever named Drezzar.

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