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Meet Your Neighbor

Read more about your neighbors featured in the latest issue of

Minerva Park Community Association Newsletter

Meet the Paessuns! Michael and Cathy moved to Elmhurst Ave in June of 2019. They are both originally from the Southeast side of Columbus and were high school sweethearts! Then life took them in different directions with Michael at Bowling Green and Cathy at OSU. They each married, moved away from Columbus, raised children, divorced and moved back to Columbus. They then reunited at their 30 year high school reunion and married in 2010!

Michael earned his Master’s from Auburn U. and worked in environmental science for 25+ years in Canton, OH. After moving back to Columbus, he started a remodeling business and had been working on the Elmhurst house when it went up for sale. The owner didn’t know, but he and Cathy were house hunting. Cathy had read about Minerva Park and after seeing only the entry and main level, they knew it was the perfect house!

Cathy has a Master’s from Franklin Univ and is currently a Doctoral Candidate at Franklin. After working at executive levels in the private, for-profit sector she focused her attention on the non-profit sector and found her passion there. Cathy is also one of the newly elected Village Council members.  She sees the beauty of Minerva Park in many ways and wants to work to maintain its features while embracing change to move MP into the future. The couple love MP’s nature, lakes, pool, and the community. 

As Cathy is working on her dissertation and learning all about MP, Michael is stepping away from his remodeling business and has recently received a certificate allowing him to begin work as a Professional Life and Recovery Coach.

The couple enjoy staying active and both practice yoga. They also love spending time with their three daughters, three grandchildren, and are eagerly awaiting grandchild #4’s arrival!


Fun facts: Michael and Cathy have a small “fishing cabin” (as they call it) on Buckeye Lake in an area called Custers Point. They also enjoying traveling and just returned from a 3 week trip to Puerto Rico!


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