Volunteers Needed

Hello Neighbors.  The MPCA is in need of a Volunteer Coordinator, A Treasurer, and a Children’s Party Chair. See the notes below and please reach out (president@mympca.org) if you can help or have any questions.

Volunteer Coordinator:

Recruit volunteers as needed for activities planned by MPCA. The Volunteer Coordinator should be notified, by the chairman of an event, as to the number of volunteers needed and their responsibilities. This should be done at least three weeks in advance of the activity so the necessary volunteers can be engaged. Emails, phone calls and requests on MPCA Facebook are made by the Volunteer Coordinator.The Volunteer Coordinator gathers information, from the membership committee, concerning potential volunteers and their willingness to donate their time and services i.e. baking, helping with parties, phone calls. Etc.The Volunteer Coordinator should recruit volunteers two weeks ahead of an event and reminder phone calls made a 4-5 days ahead of the event.


Coordinates, documents, updates and reports on the MPCA budget at monthly meetings; performs banking duties; provides reimbursements as necessary; performs tax filing duties; provides insight and direction on expenses and budget planning.

Children’s Parties

We are in need of someone to take over the Halloween Party and the Easter Egg Hunt, and to help with Family fun night.

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