Garden Awards

Annually the MinervaFlora Committee gives out a beautification award called the Four Season Garden Award. Last year the award was for Spring. Gardens were judged for color, curb appeal, variety of plants, overall appearance of the property.  Winners receive a certificate of recognition and are added to a plaque of award winners displayed at the Community Building.  If you would like to nominate a garden or help with judging please contact Lisa Craddock Thitoff or Bob Gale

The winner of the 4 Season Garden Award for early Spring is Marty Fletcher (and family) at 3254 Minerva Lake Rd.   The judges like the curb appeal, variety of plants and colors, and the stone border. Other residences considered were at 2711 Minerva Lake Rd, 2860 Minerva Lake Rd,  2794 Lakewood, 2559 Lakewood, 5150 Lakeland Ct,.

Sadly Marty Fletcher died on May 13, 2018.  This is the first time the award has been given posthumously.