Editorial Policy


  1. The MPCA has established the following priorities, in order, for inclusion in the “Villager,” based on available space:

o    Paid advertisements

o    MPCA-related news items and announcements

o    Minerva Park government items, such as village council minutes, etc.

o    Police reports

o    Squad reports

o    Free classified ads of a noncommercial nature (provided to Village residents only)

o    Columns and news by village residents

o    Columns and news by non-village residents

  1. A publication block will be printed in the same place each issue, containing the following information:

o    Staff name(s), phone, and address for submitting news items.

o    Advertising information and policies.

o    The following statement: “The Villager reserves the right to refuse publication of any item submitted. All items presented for publication must include the contributor’s signature and phone number.”

  1. The “Villager” staff will obtain prior approval to incur additional unbudgeted costs, such as increasing the number of pages. Approval may be obtained from the MPCA president on a case-by-case basis, with more extensive or prolonged increases requiring MPCA board majority approval.
  2. The “Villager” staff is bound by the above policies, placed in effect by the MPCA. Any questionable item(s) submitted for publication shall be referred by the “Villager” staff to the MPCA Board for consideration at its next regularly scheduled meeting. Readers who wish to discuss concerns about content should contact the Editor or, if additional resolution is needed, the MPCA President.


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